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Structural Design and Production

Maybe you have a concept for a custom print or promotion project, but you’re not sure how it will look or how it might fit into your budget. Or maybe you’ve already developed something, but you think it could be made more effective with a little tweaking here or there. Welcome to Paravista…we’re the idea experts, offering you all the possibilities and resources to make it happen.

And…when it comes to structural design, Paravista has a long history of creating housing mechanisms and “carriers” of custom dimensional packages that deliver high-impact messages to your target audiences. If you’re looking for innovative design ideas and solutions that will take your project to the next level – you’ll find them at Paravista.

  • Design consultation
  • Structural design & development
  • Sample making & prototyping
  • Promotional packaging
  • Printing, assembly and fulfillment

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