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Premium Television Network

PROJECT: Original Alarm Clock Radio
and Custom Packaging


A leading premium television network, wanted to create buzz and announce the premiere of a new series. An innovator in original programming, they were in search of an equally innovative solution directed to their call centers to help create awareness and demand for the new series and to drive sales.

Among the requirements of the project were:

  • Creation of a one-of-a-kind promotional piece
  • Packaging that was as equally unique as the product
  • Buzz-worthy style with retail look and feel


In a highly competitive bidding situation Paravista went far beyond the scope of the request to provide a dynamic, original solution and was awarded the project. During project development and throughout production we worked closely with our client and our network of resources to ensure quality control and complete satisfaction.

The promotion included these unique Paravista products and services:

  • Custom music software
  • Customized sound chip playing the series’ theme song
  • Detail drawings and pre-production approval samples
  • Supply chain management of custom components
  • Full-function AM-FM alarm clock radio
  • Coffin shape jewel case packaging
  • Complete program logistics
  • On-time delivery one month prior to series premiere


Paravista’s attention to detail and our close relationship with a network of trusted resources delivered this singularly unique project ahead of schedule and under budget.

Thanks to the program’s great look and retail appeal, the call centers were motivated to effectively sell the premium television network, with the client reporting the new series’ promotion as one of the most successful to date.