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International Pharmaceutical Agency

PROJECT: Solutions for Wellness


To succeed with their “Solutions for Wellness” Program, a well-known international pharmaceutical company, working with their agency, needed a single-source, comprehensive marketing communications program that included sign-up and education materials, information updates, and the capability to analyze program data for determining overall performance and to make ongoing program improvements.

Key aspects of the program called for:

  • An information “tool kit” to assist doctors in the education and enrollment of patients in the “Solutions for Wellness” Program
  • Coordinated printing and deployment of all program materials at specified times during the six-month program period
  • A data tracking system for analysis of program performance


Paravista’s in-depth client meetings yielded detailed information that led to a full suite of variable data printed materials, responsive ordering system and complete fulfillment services. A comprehensive logistics system and a data analysis component completed our turnkey solution.

The Paravista products and services included:

  • Print production of a multi-art patient sign-up kit
  • Multiple patient information components in both static and variable data formats
  • Time-sensitive fulfillment and delivery of in-program materials
  • Co-ordinated with the agency to provide data-tracking system creation and support


The complete Paravista solution helped the program achieve initial success and enabled it to achieve its ongoing objectives resulting in annual renewal for the last eight years.

  • More than 90,000 patients benefitted from the program
  • The program is able to operate on a reduced budget
  • Fulfillment turnaround times were significantly reduced
  • Analytical tools enable ongoing program efficiency and improvement
  • End-to-end solution increased overall program security