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Global Pharmaceutical Company

PROJECT: Patient Education Program


A leading global pharmaceutical agency challenged Paravista with Patient Education Program, a doctor-to-patient information and education program. The overall project scope involved multiple stakeholders and incorporated a diverse list of printed components. Innovation, teamwork, logistics and addressing the specific needs of each stakeholder group were critical to ensuring the project’s ultimate success.

Key aspects of the program were:

  • A web-to-print solution that enabled the national sales force to remotely order customized print materials from all sales regions
  • Agile and highly customizable online print ordering system
  • Management of program logistics and fulfillment to doctors
  • Integration of the program into the existing web service provider/hosted site
  • Development and deployment of customized software application for sales performance evaluation and ROI analysis
  • Delivery of the fully functioning solution in less than 70 days


The first, and most important thing Paravista did was listen. A lot. It proved invaluable and provided with the understanding and direction to deliver an end-to-end solution that met everyone’s needs – on time and under budget.

The many services and resources that made this program possible included:

  • CONSULTATION: Working with our Pull Through Express Software, we first demonstrated its web-to-print effectiveness to the client, then made modifications to their exact specifications
  • SOFTWARE: Our solution provided the client with complete control over data content, artistic license, multi level approval, order status and detailed report generation
  • IT: The Paravista development team worked in close partnership with our client’s advertising agency, website hosting partner and their IT department, to ensure complete software functionality and compatibility
  • PRINTING: The web-to-print solution enables on-demand, customized printed materials to each patient’s needs
  • LOGISTICS: Our Digital Storefront system was integrated into the client’s website for real-time, 24/7 ordering and rapid fulfillment


The intuitive ordering program generated many benefits:

  • Ease of operation combined with Paravista’s efficiency in production and fulfillment resulted in increased usage and lower operating costs
  • Program performance improved as doctors consulted patients with customized materials that included their practice name, logo and relevant data
  • On-demand ordering and printing eliminated excess inventory, cost and associated waste
  • Real-time order and report data is available online 24/7/365